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Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Gathering Conversation

The question came up…who coined the word “missional?”

Here’s what was said.

Pretty sure it came out of the Gospel and Our Culture Network and perhaps directly from Newbigin himself.
Stephen Shields

Good question. The first time I ever heard the adjectival term "missional" was from Darrell Guder. I am fairly confident that he was not the first to use that form of the word, but I couldn't tell you precisely who used it first in that way.
Will Sampson

I think it was Darryl Guder and George Hunsberger
Doug Pagitt

I don't think anyone can "claim" coining the term since it's a standard grammatical form of a common word----like who coined "incarrnational?" or who coined christological? There are, however, some coinages of "missional" that are significant, like, for example, "missional imagination" (Will Samson), etc.
Len Sweet

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At 7:55 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

Guder explains the source of this word in the introduction to The Community of the Word. If I remember correctly, he cites Vatican II as the origin of the term. The first time I encountered the word was in Robert Banks book, Reenvisioning Theological Education.

Hope this helps
Kevin Cawley


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