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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Emergent Gobbledygook

1. Emergents interact with culture—far-be-it to become a subculture rooted and known for the buildings they assemble in
2. Emergents emphasize the visual and performing arts and acknowledge the enormous influence pop culture has on society
3. Emergents believe in the communal and missional aspects of the church
4. Emergents connect with those of faith but above all their desire is to connect with those outside the faith
5. Emergents believe that as we draw closer to God, we draw closer to each other, despite the denominational boundaries that divide us
6. Emergents draw on the rich traditions and practices of the diverse streams of Christianity, believing that by genuinely living where our common faith intersects, we can surpass the efforts of even the most successful ecumenical programs
7. Emergents believe faith is a journey rather than a destination, and each community of Christians needs to find its own way of continuing on that journey.
The above list is the view of one Christ-follower…emergents are anything but uniform in beliefs and practices


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