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Sunday, October 30, 2005

What Half-a-Century Has Taught Me

Forgiveness is an active process of the mind’s displeasure as a “wronged person,” overcoming the displeasure requires one to abolish the obstacle that hinders fellowship with the “wrongdoer,” to reestablish the freedom and happiness of friendship.

Remember that it is what people do to us that creates the obstacle to our getting together, in spirit as well as space. When people hurt us unfairly and deeply, the wrong they do comes between us.

If we ignore the “hindrance” and act as if it did not really matter, we take our first step into an opiated life where nobody really gives a damn.

Hold out your hand to the one who did you wrong and say, “Come back to me, I want to be your friend again.”

If you can’t say friend and can’t find “friend” in your vocabulary (with this particular person) offer the next best thing: forgiveness and cordiality.


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