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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Church Has an Image Problem: A Deconstruct

In an image-is-everything culture where images have supplanted words as the cultural vernacular, the church is “logocentric” (word-based)—alienated from its own image-rich pedigree.

What principles and points were to moderns, metaphors and images are to people of the emerging culture. Images are now the narrative, words support images; they don’t create images themselves.

The greatest communicator in history used the wizardry of metaphoric magic. Jesus, didn’t speak in public without using parables—an image-based form of narrative.

While the faith assembly I attend adorns its worship center walls with words others fill their worship space with artistic touches—icons and crucifixes to brightly-colored walls.


At 6:30 AM, Blogger Steve said...

I first wanted to say "So True!" but that is my enlightenment side speaking. Or I could say "That's right!". That would be my modern side speaking also. Oh well, what you said was cool!


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