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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Notes on Missions (2)

Just like you I’m a missionary. We need to stop thinking that missionaries only cross oceans; they cross streets too. I like how Jim Henderson has redefined evangelism (a word with a good heart but a bad reputation) with the phrase “ordinary attempts.” Ordinary Attempts does away with the idea that evangelism is an extraordinary attempt made only by the spiritual elite who have been trained in event-salvation and punch-line evangelism. The reality is many Christians play a role in the process of bringing an individual into a relationship with Christ; and it’s accomplished via ordinary attempts.

I’ve been going about my day to day life making ordinary attempts with acquaintances, friends, and peers for decades but I’ve recently decided to raise the bar and begin frequenting places the church has been unwilling to go in the past (WWJG). This means a more active presence in my community.

It will be a challenge for someone who has always pointed his feet in the direction he’s wanted to go to take a “one-eighty” and allow his story to be written by serendipities and synchronicities. I am ashamed to say so, but in many ways I’ve been the sole author of my story.


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