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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Growing In Christ in a Transitional Era

I have been processing what I’ve absorbed among the emergent conversation for several years and have reached a point of doing something about it. This presents no less than a small problem when you’re working with a group of people moving along the continnum of faith at a slower pace (and possibly at a different place). The major conflict is that my ministry model has shifted to the point that present day ministry practices are difficult for me to believe in, much less be involved in (this is in no way a criticism just a point to help understanding of where in the process I am).

I sincerely want to be involved but it is very difficult when you're on another planet light years away. What are the differences between where I am in the emergent process and what my home congregation is doing? That's not easy to articulate because the emergent conversation changes daily. I use to change my mind "every once in a while" but with the volumes of reading and writing I do I'm influenced constantly to reconsider ministry models and theories.

Lately, I’ve been pressed by leadership to go deeper in explaining something I've written or said. But in open source theology things are never completely closed—quite the opposite; they’re always opened for further exploration. So, being able to definitively reflect on what I believe or what I’m experiencing is compromised at best. This is frustrating for those who ask in hopes of understanding but when you're in a tunnel in-between two epochs you have few answers—and the ones you might have are subject to change.


At 7:53 PM, Blogger Steve said...

I have felt the same way as you, as if on another planet in comparison with my fellow congregation members. I've always kept it inside me and unexpressed. In your position you can't easily get away with that. Thank you Fred for your internet ministry and teaching me about this Emergent Thing. Who knows how many people you may be helping and influencing by what you are writing for us out here in cyberspace. I hope your "leadership" comes around.


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