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Monday, November 15, 2004

Practical Atheist

You and I live far from the desert. It’s more the nature of a third millennial Promise Land. The majority of us navigate our day just fine without God. Think about this...

When we’re hungry we go to our Kenmore 'frig. When we’re thirsty we turn on the faucet. When we get sick we call the doctor. Once a month we call ChemLawn and they cut our weeds and manicure our lawn. Practically speaking, we don’t need God.

If we happened to find the body of God and had the dental records checked and the results inconclusively proved that God had died I am certain that most Christians would continue attending church. Why? Because we’re use to the ritual and we like the people enough to continue the tradition.
I'm sorry I neglected to mention in the original post...taken from my notes...via Randy Harris


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