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Friday, November 12, 2004

Questions Worth Asking

When I was in my 20s I had plenty of answers. I’m now 56 and have a ton of questions—countless more than answers.

1) What exactly do we mean when we esteem one as being “very spiritual?” Is it the number of times he or she prays in a 24 hour period? Is it the way they pray. Does it have something to do with the way they praise God? Do they raise their hands? Are they charismatic? What about the left brain Christian? Or does left brain/right brain have anything to do with ones basic approach to God?

2) What about passion? When Randy Moss played football for Marshall University, he was asked if the plane crash that killed the Marshall University football team and coaching staff did anything for him when he put on a green and white football uniform. Moss replied by asking the interviewer what made him think a 20 year old plane crash loaded with players and coaches that he had never met or knew could possibly generate passion? Not a politically correct answer but something to think about.

I know Christ but certainly not in the same way as his disciples; nor even as those removed thirty years from His death and resurrection. So, is it fair to expect the same level of passion we read about in the 1st century disciples? When it comes to passion, what is acceptable to us? Is it fair to think I can recapture the zeal of my early Christian years, a time when I did my most energetic work?


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