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Sunday, November 07, 2004

A Faith Worth Having via Connection Church

Chad Hall wrote a great article for Leadership Weekly titled Why Church Isn’t Really Church. The community Chad pastors, Connection Church, sent out a flyer that said:

Is there such a thing these days as “good faith?” It seems there’s plenty of evidence for bad faith; faith that’s shoved down your throat; faith that just appeals to my own selfishness; faith that turns people into jerks; faith that’s more about rules than relationships.

Even some of what passes as Christianity seems like bad faith. But what if the faith of Jesus is really good faith…a faith that turned bad faith on its head…a faith worth living. If you’ve tried religion and found it lacking …if you’ve been turned off by churches pushing bad faith…if you’re searching for a faith worth having then visit Connection Church.

Chad also has a site Cool Churches that's worth visiting...


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