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Friday, November 03, 2006

Prayer for Ted Haggard

Father, forgive Ted Haggard if, in any way, he has prostituted his life. Forgive him if he has attracted attention to himself and offended you in a perverse way. Forgive him for cheapening his life while, at the same time, hurting the lives of the one’s he loves and the ones that love him.

I pray this prayer not just for Ted Haggard but for all of us whose hearts are prone to wander and quick to forget the vows we have made with you.

Help the community of faith to love Ted Haggard more than he could ever imagine. Now is the time for your people to shine by nurturing one of yours; one who has spent most of his life nurturing others. I pray all those who are brought into his circle of pain will have the same spirit of compassion Jesus showed the woman caught in adultery so many centuries ago.

May our own conscience be pierced by our own sinfulness, our hands the first to drop the stones, our feet the first to leave the circle of self-righteousness.

Thank you for the sweet words of forgiveness: “Neither do I condemn you.” Words that continue today to flow so freely from your lips. Words Ted Haggard needs to hear every day as he struggles with his sinful wandering.

In the strength of those unmerited words I end this prayer. So, today, at this very moment, comfort the Haggard family. And when their terrible nightmare ends, I pray he will freely go on his way and sin no more.


At 9:20 PM, Anonymous Steve said...

May Ted's fall be grace for others. May those who are walking down similar roads be convicted to return to their first love.

This is a very well said prayer. Thanks.

At 9:40 AM, Blogger Frank Bellizzi said...

I also want to say "Thanks" for passing along the words of this prayer. It expresses very well both grace and truth.


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