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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Wineskins Magazine

I’m one of the new Editors at New Wineskins.org. In the near future they’ll be a number of my conversations published with noted leaders who lead from the cusp; Brian McLaren, Dan Kimball, Ron Martoia, Sally Morgenthaler, Leonard Sweet and a host of others. These will be New Wineskins exclusives.

I would encourage you to add New Wineskins.org to your favorites and visit often. At one time NW was a print magazine (now only two a year roll off the press) but it’s a quality ezine.

NW readings are grace oriented and Christ-centered and more and more is becoming a leading edge in the emergent conversation. Let it be known: we don’t walk the party line. NW comes out of the restoration heritage (my tribe) but without the legalistic trappings and attitudes that has polarized our movement over the past fifty years. It saddens me when I hear friends; acquaintances, family and others tell church of Christ horror stories that color and shade their views of who we are. Check out New Wineskins.org


At 12:19 PM, Blogger Greg Taylor said...

Thanks, Fred, for doing these conversations with leading edge thinkers and doers of the Word, followers of Christ. I've had a blast reading your conversations and editing them. What?! Conversations get edited? Well, we do want them to be excellent in final outcome and part of what makes Wineskins stand out is keeping the quality of the content high with collaboration from an editing staff and direct contact with people like Fred with Brian McLaren.

One note: the reason we did 1-2 print issues up till 2004 was to complete commitment to fulfill print subscriptions, and we did that and fulfilled $50K of subscriber "debt" by completing them and moving them to online. We are very proud of that move and that we didn't have to shut down but made a smooth transition online, so we don't have print issues at this point but each two months we have a new theme that are still organized into issues, and you can see these at our archives page. Current content is always free and archives and other premium content is subscriber access, so check the current articles often and get those articles free!

At 4:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

just so you'll know you can get a weekly podcast from brian mclaren, and leonard sweet on wiredparish.com


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