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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Worship is More Than an Event

I think it’s significant that Sally Morgenthaler, who has a written a number of books on worship (Alternative Worship: Resources from and for the Emerging Church, Worship Evangelism, etc. […link]) has come to the conclusion that worship is not an event that will connect the believer with the missing.

This is what Sally said in her Goodbye (titled an End and a Beginning) on the now defunct Sacramentis website.

We have come to realize that it is time to move on. Sacramentis still believes strongly that corporate worship is central to the life and vitality of the Church. But we have become convinced that the primary meeting place with our unchurched friends is now outside the church building. Worship must finally become, as Paul reminds us, more life than event. Romans 12:1,2)
Sally has a new website under construction called True Conversations.

In her opening paragraph Sally says, "...she will set her sights on leadership." My continual prayer is that leaders will understand the corporate responsibility they have in creating a culture of believers who go to engage and befriend the missing.

The conversation continues to gather.

In 2002 I interviewed Sally. You can read the whole interview here […link]


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