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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Church- Primary and Church-Secondary

Church-primary has become ten to twelve Christians sitting around a table at a restaurant every Sunday afternoon and Friday night
Church-secondary has become, at maximum, gathering with a Christian assembly 1-2 hours a week
I rarely give to the local church. I now give to emergent missional churches and missional-priority people who indigenously incarnate culture. Most churches overlook or cannot afford to give to missional-priority people because of the financial limitations created by staff salaries and budgetary priorities. But the greatest barrier to a clear Kingdom vision may be a misunderstanding of what a priority- missional community looks like.
Granted, most Christian churches have a missional aspect. But when one examines a missional-priority church more closely, one discovers a significant difference between a church that does mission and a missional- priority church. That difference begins at the theological foundation and ultimately finds expression in practices inherent to the broader Kingdom vision .
Missional-priority means more time with the missing than Christian friends
Missional-priority means stepping across the borders of the church campus to engage the “missing” on their territory.
Crossing borders to create safe places for the missing stands as a corrective to the prevailing mentality of the church and its uncanny addiction to centripetal ministries, which attempts to drag seekers into its gig.


At 11:29 PM, Blogger Missional Jerry said...

I like how you phrased each of these.

Great thoughts.

At 7:47 AM, Blogger DJG said...


At 11:45 AM, Blogger Josh Woods said...

Excellent thoughts! These are ideas my wife and I have been discussing a lot in recent months, and I've been thinking of writing a post about it on my own blog.

A major problem I've noticed is that churches are more in love with the idea of missions than they are the saving of souls. Lately, I've imagined what a church could be like if salaries, massive budgets, etc., were eliminated from the picture. Just a group of Christians wanting to change lives. What I see there is a church not concerned about high attendance records and membership lists. They're seeking to offer a life-changing faith community where people can come for healing. That type of community or family doesn't create wide moats for people to cross before becoming a "member." Anyone can be a part of the family at any stage in their spiritual journey, and the family – the faith community – embraces them, helps them to their feet and helps them along their journey with Christ.

They're focused on the journey – not the budget, not the attendance records, not the membership list.


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