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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Truth: Neither Relative nor Objective

Through the centuries God has spoken through people, in a variety of ways, and in many different times, all for the purpose of preparing us today to hear the voice of His Son. This, I believe, is the chief end of all that God speaks—that we would know the One who has spoken.

It isn’t enough for us to know or even believe all that is true. It is essential that we know the One who is true. In this sense the nature of truth is critical.

-Modern philosophy proposes that all truth is subjective. This position embraces relativism and makes the individual the center of reality.
-Modern Christianity would advocate that truth is objective, standing outside the individual and empirically or rationally provable.
-The Scriptures give us a different position. Truth is neither relative nor objective. The biblical view is that truth is personal, relational, and subjective.

The critical difference is that we are not the subject. God is.


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