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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Preparing for Italy

A wedding in Atlanta on September 1, 2006 and then on September 3, 2006, my wife (Paula) and I rendezvous with four other couples to fly to Italy for 12 days. Our home base will be a rented Villa in Tuscany. And then three days before our return home we’ll visit the many sites of Rome.

After we arrive in Rome we’ll rent a car and drive to a villa we've rented in Arezzo, Tuscany (this is where the movie Life is Beautiful was filmed).
Tuscany will be our outpost as we drive to various points throughout the country to see the history of the Byzantine Empire, the Renaissance, and the arts of both periods. At the end of our trip we will drive back to Rome where we will spend three days visiting a number of sites including the Roman Forum and the Coliseum (built shortly after AD70).

Naturally, I’m excited about exploring the biblical history in this part of the world. Among many traditions, one says many churches in Italy have built their edifices above the gravesites of a number of the apostles. I’m very excited about visiting the Mamertine Prison where tradition says both Paul and Peter were in chains. We’ll also visit the Catacombs and walk through the interlocking passageways where thousand of martyrs were buried underground.

If you would like to see our villa you can click [here]

After clicking on the above link look to the right under Property Information. There you can click on a photo gallery to view numerous pictures of the villa and surrounding grounds.

Since Italy is WiFi deprived, both the Abductive Columns blog and the Abductive Columns newsletter via email (there’s a sign-up link on the right side bar) will be silent during this time.


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