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Thursday, January 19, 2006

New Theology and Old School Practicum (3)

The Evolving Practicum of the Future

A Reconstruct

Connectedness, the first avenue of a practicum upgrade
It's essential that we reinvent the concept of connection and connectedness. God is the ultimate connection, but before culture will ever connect with God we must connect with them.

If our home base is going to remain in a church building let's remodel our sanctuaries and restore our ministries with user friendly meeting places that are digital, inviting and luring.

Reinvent the feeding of the five thousand, the second avenue of a practicum upgrade
Discover the twenty-first century fish and loaves equivalent.
Credit Card Debit Revival: Take the fifth Sunday contribution and give someone $400-$500 toward payment on their credit card. Mind map, brain storm and come up with new and innovative ideas for the broader community. After all they are the ones Jesus misses the most.

Storytelling, the third avenue of a practicum upgradeThe language of Scripture is story. You can tell a story and never use words.

Participatory, the fourth avenue of a practicum upgrade
Every person in the body of Christ is a minister; not a consumer, not a spectator, but a participatory activist. Lots of work to do here, but it can be done.

Think Missional, the fifth avenue of a practicum upgrade
Blow up the traditional mid-week Bible class and create space and time for apprentice training and formation in practicing the way of the Kingdom via creative alternatives. One possibility for meaningful training is to expose the Christian community to other points of view through interviews and discussion. Find a homosexual/lesbian and pay him/her $50 to participate in an interview. A trained facilitator asks questions and the gathering listens for feelings and thoughts on their perspective on the Christian faith. Invite someone with an alternative view every week. Listen to learn. Move the new Wednesday format to a location other than a church building.

If we are going to build bridges across the chasm that separates the Christian community from the broader culture it will require us to blow up most, if not all of our traditions.


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