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Sunday, January 01, 2006

You Might be Emergent if...

You Might Be Emergent if you score a 7 or higher
If you score somewhere between 4 and 7, at best you’re a pre-emergent
Any score below 4 assures that you drink an anti-emergent herbicide

1)You have tipped hair (+1)
2)You have gray hair (0)
3)You have televangelist hair (-1)

1)Your congregation meets in homes (+1)
2)Your congregation meets in a converted strip mall (0)
3)Your congregation meets in a structure built in the 1960s (-1)

1)You worship with candles and homemade songs (+1)
2)You worship with a projector and worship band (0)
3)You worship with a hymnal and song leader (-1)

1)You’re an image-smith that uses Media Shout (+1)
2)Your sermon is expositor and aided by a PowerPoint Presentation (0)
3)Your lesson is build around three points and a prayer with zilch visual aids (-1)

1)Your hero is Brian McLaren (+1)
2)Your hero is Bill Hybels (0)
3)Your hero is John MacArthur (-1)

1)Your church is missional (+1)
2)Your church is “seeker friendly” (0)
3)Your church is “mainstream” (-1)

1)Your church emphasizes relationships (+1)
2)Your church emphasizes attendance (0)
3)Your church emphasizes precise and exclusive doctrine (-1)

1)You like mystery (+1)
2)You like systematic theology (0)
3)You like black and white categories (-1)

1)You preach wearing sandals (+1)
2)You preach wearing tennis shoes (0)
3)You preach wearing wing-tips (-1)

1)You consider yourself emergent (+1)
2)You’ve heard of emergent (0)
3)What in the hell is emergent (-1)

If you understand what's going on with the photos you might be emergent.

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