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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Good Leadership is Team Building

I was in a restaurant this past Saturday with a former church member who confided in me about an event and the resulting pain caused in his family by specific leaders (he says he and his wife would like to come back but are afraid their return will cause family problems). It’s unfortunate that the same (leaders ?) names keep coming up.

But we’re sinners and quite frankly good leadership requires time, energy and amazing self-sacrifice for the good of community.

Good leadership demands more than community visibility and hand shaking

Good leadership develops a shared vision and lives with a commitment to community

Good leadership knows how to blend a diverse group into a team that works well together

Good leadership instills a "winning" attitude throughout the body

Good leadership recognizes and quickly reverses team-building problems such as jealousy, cynicism, and defensive behavior

Often leaders know more about alienation than casting a vision and leading a community.


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