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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Theology and Old School Practicum (2)

Progressive School Practicum

In these chaotic times it’s not surprising to find countless leaders clinging to what they are most familiar with; a static modernistic (old school) practicum. Curiously I have watched leaders combined their static modernistic practicum with a dynamic progressive theology. Read on...

The old school practicum built the church around the bible class
Originally the bible class was used to educate the illiterate. Later churches began to use the bible class as an evangelistic tool. The Bible class was responsible for church growth through the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Times have changed.

The old school practicum believes churches are built around the pulpit
The educated and sophisticated audiences of today are so accustomed to digital information and instant entertainment that the typical modern era three point sermon does little to make a lasting impression.

The old school practicum believes churches are built around a pastor system
You can read all the church history you want but amazingly you will not find one debate or controversy over the right of this system to exist. Yet, give the churches of Christ credit. The early restorers denied the pastor system from a theological standpoint but fell to its temptations when they adopted it on an emergency basis to prop up the weak churches after the Civil War.

A century later leaders and church staffs continue to live by a system enabled by the demands and expectations of church members.

The old school practicum is church building-centric
Replacing the catacombs and forest glens with building, pews and pulpits may have been the biggest blunder the Christian church made. In the early church everyone was a minister, no one a spectator. Spirits were lifted, problems were solved, hurts were healed, and hearts were fed.

more to come (time to reconstruct)...


At 12:42 PM, Anonymous Darin said...

Bologna. Those churches hunched down in the catacombs were not skipping along singing kumba ya in some spiritual bliss. They started the new system because they thought the current one wasn’t working.

Romanticism is dangerous in any form. It ruins any relationship that succumbs to its seductive appeal. The early church is not better, didn’t have fewer issues etc. then the church of today. Different issues? Yes, but issues none the less.

When people say we are going to keep our marriage at the blissful state when we first married they end up divorced. They were not being realistic. When the church points back to Acts 2 and thinks it can or is suppose to recreate that slice it is no different. It didn’t take long for the widows to be treated poorly but no one ever seems to point to that scripture.

The sooner we stop chasing after this myth the sooner we can start getting in the trenches and we can just be church, warts and all. Bad elders and all. Broken systems and all. The fall happened and no amount of earth time repair will stop the damage.


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