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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Only Jesus Could...

When I was fifteen my mother and father divorced; later, while in college, they remarried. But during my early years my mother, nobly and solitarily, raised three boys on less than $200 a month.

She began dating. During this time she met a man she seemed to like. Every evening he would come and spend time with her at our home. They never married and even though I was angry and confused I grew to like him.

Now three decades later, I gather in a faith community one-hundred miles from my childhood home with the son of the man who dated my mother. Only Jesus could bring us together.

He is the only One capable of bringing people together—people who never talked, people who never ate together, people who never drank together, people who never touched each other—yet scarred by a painful common experience He gathered and rearranged our lives. Only Jesus! Only He could show us both a way of greater sanity, and a way of greater sanctity.


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