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Monday, November 21, 2005

Jesus the Emergent Pastor

Let me raise a hypothetical question. Now, this is just imaginary: would God---Father, Son, and Spirit---cease to exist if every Bible and every form of the Bible (tape, CD, chiselled stone, ancient manuscript, etc.) on the earth vanished? Think about it. Your thoughts and feelings will indicate whether or not you have a relationship with a Book or a Person. Could you maintain a vibrant and growing faith without written words?John Frye
Whoa! Good question.

John Frye, of Jesus, the Radical Pastor, has done a six-part series tilted “Jesus the Emergent Pator.”

Good stuff. Check it out […link]


At 11:29 AM, Blogger Neal W. said...

That's an awesome question. Makes you wonder where guys like Job and Melchizedek got to know God at without the Torah or the Bible. I love scripture...but bibliolatry is a real issue in the church.


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