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Friday, August 26, 2005


I created a firestorm with the latest Abductive Columns.

Sexual Orientation: How Should God's People Respond?

I'm praying that a young man will come to know the love of God, to see his need for Jesus, and that he will begin the process of turning from sin. None of us fully realize the degree of sin in our lives.

I don't primarily focus on a person's sexual behavior or even a person's sexual temptation. What God is looking for is people who realize their need for God. When someone comes to God and says, "Help!" that's the beginning of the end of the salvation process.

No matter what a person's sin, we don't start by trying to fix the sin but with the gospel. We're all in need of a Savior, whether I'm homosexual or heterosexual. And Jesus is looking for recognition of that.

Yet there is still antagonism toward churches today because they are seen as oppressive, homophobic institutions. I love God's people but I'm also brave enough to stand tall and admit that at times the church has been homophobic, unjust, and downright mean.

Do we extend grace to the people who have tasted the pain of divorce? Do we show grace to people who are divorced and remarried, an area Jesus specifically called sin? If so, then how do we not show grace to people in a sexual relationship that Jesus never mentions?

If we're going to stamp out the lingering antagonism and have any legitimacy to speak out on the issue of marriage, it will have to come out of the reality of our lives, not simply our doctrine.

Is the church brave enough to step out of the box and champion the call for justice on behalf of gay and lesbian people? As long as we stand up and say, "Landlords have the right to discriminate against you with housing," it's difficult to say convincingly, "But we love you in the name of Jesus."

To show the love of God we must stand up for the civil rights of those whose orientation is homosexual on the basis of discrimination. When we stand with them they'll see us as their friend. It's not compromise, neither is it a statement that says we have bought into homosexual eroticism. We simply recognize that discrimination is wrong and stand with them on the matter.

When we minister to this growing population of God's creation, in that setting, and on their turf, we're going to be surrounded by people not living the biblical ideal. I don't affirm that, but neither do I condemn them.


At 11:15 AM, Blogger Greg Kendall-Ball said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This is what is needed, Fred...people calling for an honest, true interpretation of the Gospel. Nowhere in my readings, flawed as they are, is there a precondition of perfection for followers of Christ. I think culturally and socially we have raised the homosexual stigma so that it stands above all sins. I am only now coming to terms with extending the grace that God gives me, to cover my heterosexual lust, my pride, my lying, to gay people.

I pray we can reclaim the scandal of the Gospel that allows us to open the doors to people who aren't like us, and stop with the condemning!!!


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