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Sunday, July 31, 2005

How Long Lord!!

It took very little time for Berliners to build an outside wall to keep people in. It will take many, many years for Berliners to take down the internal wall that will let them out, even though they are free as of 1989.

We built methods, ministries, traditions, and buldings for years and it may take many more years to free God's people and reallocate our time, energy, and resources beyond our faith borders and out into the places where the people Jesus misses the most live and play (for decades 'resource emphasis' has been behind the 'wall').

Individually, many understand the need to engage culture on their turf; allowing them to live by their rules. But corporately it make take a major disruption to move us outside the 'walls' of our campuses.


At 4:31 PM, Anonymous Lee Hodges said...

So very true. Like the old west we are more comfortable behind the walls of the Fort. We occasionally send out a "scouting party" to knock on a few doors, but are so fearful of becoming involved with those that Jesus misses. We don't like their lifestyle, their language and much more. So it is easier to say, "come over here and we will help you." But Salt, Light and Leaven are not effective from a distance.


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