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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Spiritual Explorer, Sometimes Guide

Come-to-church evangelism was effective in the modern world in getting people to come to Christ. In the third millennium come-to-Christ is what peaks people's interest. In the modern world evangelism meant a "decision." In the emerging culture it means a "long term journey"—where spiritual friends walk together and explore together. Spiritual friendships in this new era is based upon a few key premises:

Trust: Modern evangelism was dominated by the notion we brought Jesus to the people through Open Bible Studies, film strips, diagrams, and spiritual laws. Today it seems arrogant to think that we are the ones bringing Jesus to anyone. Isn't Jesus already there? Jesus intersected people's lives long before we got there.

Relationship: Unless we value and appreciate all sorts of people and enter in relationship with them, we are treating them as objects, not people whom Jesus loves and died for.

Listen and Learn: Spiritual explorers listen to learn what Jesus is already doing in a person's life. Be open to what this person can teach you about how God works and what God is doing.

Connect: At some point your spiritual friend may allow you to become a spiritual guide. This is the time to help them connect the dots between their story and the Jesus' story. The essence of evangelism is connection-making.


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Good thought, Fred -- as always!



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