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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Larry King Show & Time Magazine's Twenty-Five Most influential Christian Leaders

I spent Tuesday evening watching the Larry King show. He had a panel of four Christian leaders, heralded as Time Magazine’s twenty-five most influential Christian leaders. The panel included Tim Lehaye and his wife, T.D. Jakes, Franklin Graham and Brian McLaren.

Topics ran the gamut—abortion, Christian response to homosexual orientation, and why God’s allows 9/11s and tsunamis.

Brian McLaren did well (stem cell research and comments on environmental responsibility) but wasn’t given the same time some of the others were given. But of all the men representative of Christ this night, T.D. Jakes was by far the most articulate and frankly stood out among the group.


At 4:38 AM, Blogger Ron Cole said...

I just hope people paid enough attention ( and it was hard to do at times ) to Jakes and McLaren, to realize that there is something happening on the margins of main stream " E " christainity...and the langauge isn't quite the same.


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