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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What Is Spirituality?

What’s the criterion for judging one's spirituality? It's changed at least two times since I've been a Xian (attendance was the barometer a decade ago...since then it has changed). Is it what one does within the institutional church structures; (involvement in their programs and ministries) is that today’s barometer?

Spirituality is not about knowing Scripture, nor is about praying all day long. Spirituality isn't a formula; it’s not a test. It’s not about competency; spirituality is all about intimacy and connection.

From a back pew I watched the family in front of me model intimacy and connection. They rubbed the backs of their two sons; continually put their arms around them. On a number of occasions the mother whispered to her son, smiled at him, looked him in the eye and then kissed him; he never flinched. Neither teenage boy pulled away from their parent’s incessant loving embraces. Intimacy and connection; complete and full. If these boys and their mother and father are not fully connected to Jesus I assure you their hearts are totally open to Him. After the assembly was dismissed I approach the father and thanked him for the sermon.


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