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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Twelve Gifts for God

1) When weakness comes I’ll turn to my strength (Christ) instead of my weakness (food, sin, withdrawal, etc.)

2) Because the Kingdom is bigger than culture and comforts, I’ll resolutely work alongside modern or postmodern as we fight our common enemy

3) Listen more and talk less

4) Approach every person as if it’s my last day on earth

5) Spend as much time encouraging other as I do sitting at this keyboard

6) Become more like a little child

7) Thank God more for my troubles than my comforts

8) Look forward not backward

9) Because practicing the presence of God demands I openly tell on myself more, I will seek others out to do just that

10) Not worry so much about what others say (whether criticism or accolades) and dedicate myself to playing to an audience of One

11) Give up the unconscious and subtle forms of control I practice

12) To love others more than myself irregardless of worldview, race, creed, economic status, friend or enemy


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