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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Postmodern Missionary to West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio or Doable Evangelism for Normal People

Katie of the Sleep Inn in Louisville, Kentucky

“Hi my name is Fred what’s your name?”


“Has it been busy today?”

"No, not to bad. But it picks up late in the afternoon and evening.”

“Who are you watching?”

“Louisville is playing Kentucky.”

“Who’s ahead?”

“Louisville, by seven points.”

“Who you rooting for?”

“Now, who do you think? Of course, I’m rooting for Louisville.”

“You have time for a couple questions? Your thoughts are important to me.”


“I’d like to get your thoughts on faith and church, is that an ok topic?”


“Ok, do you think church is relevant to society today?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“Do you attend church?”


“Last question. Do you think your faith should be something you talk about publicly or do you consider it a private affair?”

“Well, I don’t…but it’s different for each person.”

We exchange a few pleasantries and then my wife and I started back to our room and Katie yelled.

“Hey, can I get you to email me that picture?”


She grabbed a piece of hotel stationer and jotted her email address down and handed it to me.

The next morning I stopped by the desk and chatted with Katie for a few minutes and then as we went out the door I gave her a tip and told her I appreciated her. I’ll stay in touch with Katie. More later.


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