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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Simpler Structures

Chris Marshall, of Ordinary Community, has a great post on “simple structure and values.” He talks straight from his heart on modes of learning, how $$ drive ministry, traditional church vs. simpler structures, evangelism, the difference between simple structures and house churches, and on and on. It’s a must read. Thanks Chris!

I suppose simple churches are somewhat of a natural by-product of the postmodern worldview and deconstruction but it is not a new idea and has existed in the Body in history particularly in places where persecution pushed the churches underground. Its hard to differentiate modernistic structures and postmodern in one blog post but this is my attempt. 5 years ago, I thought simple church structures was my origingal idea and that I was all alone. What I've learned since is that thousands of people like me all over the world have been thinking the same thoughts and coming to some of the same conclusions for our contribution to the Body. Either we are all into the same heresy or the Spirit wanted to start writing a different story perhaps preparing some branches of the Church for a specific purpose and future. (that's my best prophetic guess)

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