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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Mystery & Transcendence or Science and Pragmatism

In the Middle Ages the everyday language reflected the Christian life. The world was permeated with transcendence reminders; the sound of church bells, the music, the literature, architecture, everyday language and expressions (“God be with you”, “upon my soul,” etc.). All these reflected the central elements of a story much larger than our own story.

But the western world rejected the mystery and transcendence of the Middle Ages and replaced it with man’s confidence in science, progress, and pragmatism (the Age of Reason). Our lives now revolve around the smaller stories of politics, little league baseball, soap operas, and rap music. It’s not Pentecost; it’s time for spring training. Our best expression today is not, “God be with you,” but, “Have a good day.” The only story beyond our own is the evening news; which make no sense outside the context of the larger story. They are simply arbitrary collections of scenes and images, which lack a bigger picture to fit in.


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