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Friday, October 29, 2004

Blog Review (2)

Easy to navigate, intelligent posts and an excellent layout—all characteristics of WadeHodges.com. This is a very readable net weblog. The sites plain white, two-column layout displays a header with two golden Russian crosses. There are links to articles Wade has written, stories, sermons, notes from his library of books and a plethora of resources for those who want to dig deeper. The articles are always thoughtful, well-written, intelligent, and insightful.

Wade is presently the storyteller for the Garnett Road Church of Christ (Tulsa, Oklahoma) and has been blogging since April 2002. His favorite part of sermon preparation is going to the movies. Wade says his blogging allows him the opportunity to ask questions and make quirky jokes that doesn’t always fit into his spoken teaching ministry. It also gives opportunity for his friends, family, and enemies to discover exactly what's going on inside his head.

Post timeliness varies, but generally Wade will post every one to three days. Most often anything less than daily post leads to traffic inconsistency but judging from the many comments Wade’s readers leave on his site I think it’s fair to say his readership remains loyal and solid.

If you like story, humor, culture, and gospel you’ll like WadeHodges.com.

On my blog-o-meter WadeHodges.com gets -****stars


At 8:35 PM, Blogger Wade said...

Fred--Thanks for the review! I will be working on my post timeliness. God bless.


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