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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Tools for a Storyteller

There is both a modern and a postmodern feel to the use of technology. Where the differences exist is in the application of the technology. Moderns use technology as an end rather than a means, and most often in a linear or didactic fashion (for example, the ubiquitous bulleted-message-points you see PowerPoint cast on a screen).

Do your listeners a favor. Stop placing those bulleted points in your sermons (and forget the fill-in-the-blank- handouts) and start telling stories about God and life. Cast your story inside the Grand Story and watch it speak to the hearts as it emboldens the unresolved toward love.

Scala or Mediashout can be to a thoughtful story-teller as a brush and canvas are to a painter... the use of art, images, film and other non-linear forms of media, can communicate the gospel to the postmodern mind and soul.


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