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Monday, September 27, 2004

Musings on Discipleship

Currently, many faith communities are led by baby boomers (which would be me). Obviously boomer leaders wear modernism's filters. And one of the failures of modern ministry is the neglect of discipleship. (Or is it misapplication?) For too long we have assumed that when a new disciple has made the decision to give their life to God they will “wham-bam,”—miraculous develop kingdom character as the angels party of their behalf. Pray with them, baptize them and they will automatically live by kingdom principles (which, btw, are counter cultural). God saves him/her...they become part of the faith community, then give them a regular dose of linear, rational preaching & teaching and "presto" they have developed the mind of Christ. We know better. People don't overcome the old life that easy (which by the way is much more natural and easier to live). We have to provide a forum that helps people learn to seek reconciliation instead of legal assistance, to walk the extra mile and to turn the other cheek. And most important to teach them that Absolute Truth is not found in a position but in the person of Jesus Christ. All other truth is polyphonic.

As we travel along this continuum of time it's difficult to see clearly since we don't fully understand or see what lies ahead. But as we travel through this POMO tunnel (headed to something else called another era) we all encounter the remnants of modernism. All transitions must put up with remnants of the past (especially early on---the further into the tunnel we travel the fewer leftovers). Remember the Jews who wanted to carry circumcisions into a new era?

So my point: maybe we talk "emerging and new era" but unknowingly continue to practice much of our ministry in a modern context. What say you?


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