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Monday, October 25, 2004

Creative Missional Engagement (7)

I’ve been away from teaching for over a year but I was reeled in when my friend Jeff Garrett gave me his idea on rallying a group of believers around simple acts of service that echo the love of Christ in practical ways. The ideas will allow those who have never witnessed to anyone before to impact others via guiltless, stress-less, low-risk, high grace actions instead of words. We’ll alternate one Wednesday teaching using Steve Sjogren’s The Kindness Conspiracy and then spend three weeks on the road showering people with the love of Jesus each month for the next thirteen weeks. It’s experiential evangelism at its finest.

The fall 2004 edition of Leadership Magazine just gave me Creative Missional Engagement (7)

Have a Saturday buy down at a local gas station by offer gasoline at a significant discount. (Long before the day arrives negotiate a wholesale price with the station owner) Spend Saturday morning pumping gas, washing windows and serving free snacks. When drivers ask, “Why are you doing this” it gives you the opportunity to say, “We’re showing God’s love in a practical way.”


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