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Monday, October 18, 2004

Brian McLaren on America Politics

Church Marketing Sucks has an interesting conversation about politics in America with Brian McLaren, pomo guru and author of a number of excellent books, his latest--Generous Orthodoxy.

Here's a part of the conversation--
Islam is one of our critical challenges, how do we act as Christians toward members of other religions? We know how to persecute, we know how to ignore, we know how to convert. But what about people who don't want to be converted, and can't be ignored, and we say we shouldn't persecute—how should we relate to them? That's such an obvious and important question. Jesus says so much about that, loving our neighbors, our enemies, I don’t think other religions need to be seen as our enemies, but anything that applies to enemies, would apply to neighbors who are different even more. So much about Jesus' life was crossing barriers and boundaries to treat people who are considered outsiders with respect.
[read the whole converstaion]


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