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Friday, October 15, 2004

GMail Invitation

I have six invitations for GMail. If interested, leave me a message in the comments and I'll send you an invitation. It's the best of all avaliable web email.


At 12:34 PM, Blogger BJRcougarsfan said...

Hey can I please have a gmail invitation? I would appreciate it a TON. Thanks! BJRcougarsfan@hotmail.com

At 8:41 PM, Anonymous Didi said...

Read your comments regarding the poor in our church bulletin. There is more to it than just bleeding the well to do and sending all of it to the 800,000,000 hungry.
I was one of the hungry from 1945-1948 in East-Germany.
There are several corrupt rich churches in America and in Europe as well. They do not follow the word of God and certainly will get their reward, it will not be heaven.
Without the rich people we would not have Mozart, the arts, poets, advances in medicine and the beat goes on.
Without the rich there would be many more poor people. Distribute all the wealth equally and in no time the rich would be rich again and the poor, poor again.
Africa was not in such a state when the colonial nation owned large parts of Africa. Of course they made profits from the riches found there. They also invested a lot of money to make money. Ever since many African nations became independent chaos started. They kick the colonialists out, confiscate their farms etc. instead of working with them. It is easier to cry help and expect the wealthy nations to ante up.
Their own tribal chiefs, dictators, leaders are more corrupt than our Wall street money managers. They
look after their own bank accounts, kill and rape without remorse to remain in power. They do not or are not capable of managing a one pig farm.
The bleeding hearts of the western world feel guilty and waste billions.
To be effective any country not having a responsible government should not receive one cent. The world bank must write and enforce the rules on how the finances are to be used. The aids situation will only get worse if these people do not change their lifestyle and control their urges to have sex with many. Good luck with that one. Sending medications is a waste of money. The first priority for the Africanersis to learn how to help themselves. God says: the poor will always be with you. It is a no-brainer to help but one does not have to throw pearls before swine. The Muslim nations supporting the radical factions to kill all infidels are excluded from any assistance. All Americans, you and I are included, as well as the European nations are targets. Do not be naive. God wants us to be meek not week or stupid.
Anyone with a basic knowledge of God's word knows what to do.
God bless you and keep you.


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