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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Convergent Church

I’m still combing Rex Miller’s Millennium Matrix. Here are a few thoughts.
Most of today’s church buildings sit idle during the week with 90% of their use on Sundays while Starbucks like coffee shops, for many, is becoming a secular sanctuary and community center. These have become examples for creating a tailored context and experience. Models that will help the church are not ecclesiastical; they are the places you and your kids enjoy going

Interactive church services will require a change in sanctuary design. The barriers of platforms and the configuration of seating need to communicate that this is an interactive and safe environment in which all can participate.


At 8:47 AM, Blogger mrexmiller said...

Fred - great observation. Now where are the forward thinking church architects out there? I just returned from Colorado Springs. Ted Haggard's church is completing a large venue auditorium, but, it is a stage in the round. A small ray of acknowledgement that people are looking for more interaction. Now the reality of interaction in a 7000 person format is an illusion - but - there is a shift taking place.

I sat in a planning meeting with a church and their leadership planning a 3400 seat auditorium. I asked the pastor what he invisioned. He commented that he did not want a "mega-church." He wanted an intimate "feel." I asked that he clarify what he meant by "intimate" and went on to comment that by any definition of the word that I'm familiar with 3400 people is not an intimate setting.

My point in both - is that church leadership is sensing this shift toward more interaction but they really don't yet understand what it means or what it looks like. They are adopting new words but trying to shape them through the filters of a broadcast venue and mindset.

Go Starbucks!!! There is no reason why church lobbies could not be converted into a business club set up, providing WIFI, food and beverage and creating a place for business people or anyone of faith to stop in, connect with someone find some common bonds. The Millennium Matrix illustrates how we will begin to see a convergence of Commerce, Church, Charity and Community.

Fred - thanks for picking up on a key theme. The luxury of wasting resources is quickly vanishing. I pray the church and its leadership get off their treadmills and find more creative ways to consider how they serve and live with one another and their communities.

At 8:47 AM, Blogger mrexmiller said...

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