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Saturday, September 25, 2004


There are some excellent resources that have recently become available.

Andrew Perriman of Open Source Theology has free MP3 downloads of a four part session by N.T. Wright called the Future of the People of God. These are big files and you might find their server busy at different times during the day but keep going back, these downloads are worth it. I downloaded all the files early in the morning in no less than five minutes (broadband) and then burnt them onto a CD and listened as I drove.

Len Sweet’s new book Out of the Question/Into the Mystery might be the most significant of the twenty books he has written. His existential approach in this book will probably not fit well with the many formal, historic understandings of the Christian faith, but then, that's the point. All of Christendom needs to hear this book but my heritage would especially benefit of what’s in its pages.

Of all the great Christian music now available, in my opinion, no one is better than Chris Tomlin. His new CD titled Arriving was released on September 21. Buy it now!


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