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Friday, September 24, 2004


The following is a clipped email conversation I had with Andrew Perriman in December 2002.

From: Fred Peatross
Date: December 2002
To: Andrew Perriman
Subject: missional movement


I’m here attempting to Carpe Manana (seize tomorrow) in an established pre-existing (progressive) faith community that unknowingly is deeply influenced by modern culture. You apparently are coming at this from outside the traditional church culture. What you have (it seems to me) is similar to picking up a book that has no writing between the covers and you have pen in hand. From my side of the fence your lawn looks neatly manicured while mine appears to be full of weeds. FRED

Andrew Perriman

Date: December
To: Fred Peatross
Subject: re: missional movement


I have to say that from my side of the fence my lawn looks like a small scrawny patch of grass in a neglected corner of a wilderness—but that’s perspective for you! But you are right, at least in as much as we are trying to mobilize an existing church community to make this happen. On the other hand, we mostly remain connected with established churches and I hope we will be able to work productively with these churches rather than isolated from them. It is important to remember that there is not the same level of complacency here (London, England) that there is in the church in the US. One detects at times a real sense of desperation, which may make people more open to try new things. ANDREW


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