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Monday, September 19, 2005

Not Evolution but Revolution!

I received a pre-publication copy of George Barna's new book Revolution.

This reading assures us that the future will treat us better than the present!

We've known that the conversation would some day become a movement. It's gaining momentum. If your part of the emerging conversation...buy Revolution!

Here are a few excerpts:

"In this book I will describe what The Barna Group has learned about this under-the-radar but seminal renaissance of faith that will remake the religious contours of this country over the coming quarter-century. You will find out about the seven spiritual passions that fuel the growth of Revolutionaries. You will read about the mentality and the courage of these pioneers as they risk image, resources, and security to be more attentive to and compliant with the God who means everything to them."

Know this: just as the prophets of old were unwelcome in their own hometown, so are Revolutionaries looked at askance by even their closest friends and family members. The skepticism of those who lead conventional spiritual lives is a palatable reminder that growth always comes with a price tag."

"…beyond simply introducing the Revolution and its participants, I desire to help Revolutionaries gain a better understanding of themselves. Many of them feel like the odd person out, and most of them struggle with conflicting feelings about their status as spiritual champions who have no spiritual homeland."

"This new breed of disciples is not willing to play religious games and isn't interested in being part of a religious community that is not intentionally and aggressively advancing God's kingdom. They are people who want more of God—much more—in their lives. And they are doing whatever it takes to get it."

"As we journey together, I want to show you what our research has uncovered regarding a growing sub-nation of people, already well over 20 million strong, who are what we call Revolutionaries."

"…many Revolutionaries have been active in good churches that have biblical preaching, people coming to Christ and being baptized, a full roster of interesting classes and programs, and a congregation packed with nice people. There is nothing overtly wrong with anything taking place at such churches. But Revolutionaries innately realize that it is just not enough to go with the flow. The experience provided through their church, although better than average, still seems flat. They are seeking a faith experience that is more robust and awe-inspiring, a spiritual journey that prioritizes transformation at every turn, something worthy of the Creator whom their faith reflects. They are seeking the spark provided by a commitment to a true revolution in thinking, behavior, and experience, where settling for what is merely good and above average is defeat."


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Fred. I live in Huntington too, on Norwood Road. We should get together some time. Send me a note at huntington4jesus@yahoo.com


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