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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Media, Participation, Connectivity

Our culture is a culture of participation, which is different from teams, quality circles, and the idea of getting everyone involved in everything. Participation is either the content itself or a catalyst that changes the content. The real content of a cell phone is not the information but the interaction. This is the value of media—its true content is interaction.

Moving in more participatory directions will entail substantial changes and new skills for Christian leaders. Worship planners and leaders must descend (metaphorically, at least) from the high stage of the broadcast-observer mode reinforced by television. Leaders must rediscover ways for the “assembled” to participate in the experience of worship--and not just through singing. Chant, responsive readings, ceremonies, neo-traditions, and connecting the innovative multimedia and visual arts people; all elements that deserve fresh attention in designing participatory communities.


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