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Monday, May 09, 2005


How can we know if we are mastered by our money? Maybe a few questions are in order.

1) Is the cause of God in the world better off because I have been entrusted with money? Or does God only get my spare change?

2) If I were to suffer a financial reversal and my personal budget had to be adjusted would God and His work get eliminated? What stands at the top of your budget?

We all serve something. You can serve money in reality and God in pretense or you can serve God and use money, but you can't serve them both. That's a statement of fact. When a man ends up serving two masters, he will eventually turn his back on one of them. The demands of the job make it impossible for him to honor both. You can't dance to the music of two orchestras at the same time. You can't be married to two people simultaneously. And you cannot serve God and money.

Do you serve God and use money, or do you serve money and use God?


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