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Saturday, August 19, 2006


...without terrorists, life is a tenuous proposition. I tend to fool myself daily into thinking that my current state of security is, well, secure. It is not. Cancer could be eating away at me as I write. My daughter could get killed in an auto accident today. My wife could eat spoiled food and die of poisoning. And on it goes–I’ll let your grissly imagination ponder the possibilities.

All the terrorists have done is remind me of the fragility of life, that it is indeed a gift, and that it can, in God’s loving providence, be snatched from me in an instant. All they have done is remind me that my real security and citizenship lies elsewhere, and that I must be prepared today, this hour, to meet the just and merciful Lord of that far country.

All they have done is fill me with a healthy fear of the Lord. So, thank you, terrorists.
from Mark Galli — GalliBlog


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