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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Growing Old & What's Becoming Important

As I grow older, I've found a certain anxiety creeping into my thinking. No longer do I read cereal boxes to find out what the prize is inside but to discover how much fiber I can put into my body. I now do math with my food--keeping a running total so I'll know when I hit my credit limit on fat calories. I often obsess with my older friends about the aches and pains I haven't noticed before. In the privacy of my home I sometimes pull out the family medical guide to see if my symptoms match some horrible unpronouncable disease of which there is no cure known to man.

But what I've been thinking about of late (and with a healthier snse of anxiety) is this. What constitutes a life pleasing God? The closer I get to the end of my life this question trumps all other questions.

It's a question that should keep us up at night. As we pull the covers to our chin and settle our pillow, that's the question that should bring our day into the presence of God for His scrutiny. Did the life I lived today please the God I serve?


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