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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Abductive Column Newsletter

Subscribers received this note with the Feb. 27, 2005 Abductive Columns Newsletter

I still actively believe, write and speak on the emerging culture. While in this conversation stage, writers are shaping and influencing the future that precedes the coming movement. But many of you have said, "I don't understand."

I want to write to a larger audience than the smaller circle of writers and thinkers associated with the emerging church and the best way to touch the most people are with the stories of Jesus. The emerging church is in the process of altering long standing paradigms. This is a process. It takes time for a conversation to transition to a movement. But soon after this coming transition (and it will happen) we'll begin to see a shift in the way the church understands leadership and hierarchy...as well as in the way the church practices ministry, missions and community.

I will continue to write about the emerging culture/church but in appropriate contexts.

The future goal of the Abductive Columns Newsletter will be to speak to a wider readership. And that will be accomplished by telling the stories of Jesus and the people whose stories intersected his.

If the emerging culture/church is your interest you can find daily post on the Abductive Columns Blog
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